We each experience our own life path, so understanding the unique terrain of our journey is essential in responding to opportunities and challenges. Through a highly customized and rigorous engagement, leaders will be supported to grow and expand their capacity and capabilities by understanding who they are and how they navigate professional relationships and environments. A critical part of the coaching journey is to make the “unknown, known.” By staying inquisitive and delving into unexamined underlying behaviors allow clients to embrace their growth wholeheartedly.



Teams are dynamic, complex and constantly evolving because they are made up of diverse groups of individuals, each with unique strengths and unintentional blind spots. Working closely with the team leader and individual members, we explore urgent and emerging needs that are often unstated and sometimes, unknown. A customized roadmap for team excellence is developed as part of the co-creation process with a focus on building foundational skills to increase trust, provide feedback, manage conflict and collaborate effectively.



Companies, universities and nonprofits continue to experience increasing complexity and volatility. The globalization of organizations creates ongoing and unanticipated challenges. Effectively working across different countries and cultures to capitalize on individual and group abilities is no longer a competitive advantage but a prerequisite competency. Successful organizations foster a culture of inclusion by combining their core values with intentional behavioral practices, from recruitment and onboarding to employee development, engagement and productivity. Campana offers effective solutions for these complex issues.