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Organizations typically reward critical thinking, analysis, knowledge acquisition and verbal communication. As a result, the strong tendency is to draw most of our potential from the domain of our intellect or “head center.” However, leaders managing complexity and ambiguity, often with diverse and geographically dispersed teams, also need to sharpen their emotional intelligence and leadership presence. Successful leaders rely on not one but three centers of intelligence: head, heart and body. Cultivating and integrating all three centers for optimal performance and success is core to the learning journey with Campana.


Drawing from research by Dr. Carol Dweck at Stanford University, one’s mindset either facilitates growth or inhibits it. In a fixed mindset, the aim is to achieve validation by constantly trying to prove him or herself, with a high sensitivity to being wrong or making a mistake. So, failure brings doubt and diminished self-confidence. As a result, the leader becomes anxious and vulnerable to setbacks or criticisms. A growth-mindset is about achieving mastery and competence based on the belief that personal qualities can be learned, developed or cultivated. Setbacks are viewed as learning moments and not as a judgment of personality, potential or value. A person with a growth mindset is eager to learn and enjoys exploring, experimenting and taking on new challenges.


Excellence is a habit as much as an outcome. Anything worthwhile takes practice and perseverance. When inviting change and growth, successful leaders and teams understand there are no shortcuts. As athletes, artists and innovators intrinsically understand, the difference between excellence and mediocrity are often small, consistent and intentional acts and not grand sweeping gestures that may result in a momentary shift. It’s the consistent small moves or the subtle pivots that lead to transformation.


Leaders that embrace continuous, life-long learning create present and future conditions that propel the organization forward. Cultivating a genuine curiosity for knowledge outside traditional disciplines, belief in the value of diverse perspectives and a healthy dose of humility is at the heart of innovation. We believe that when teams co-create by embracing learning as a fluid, joyful, interdependent and never-ending process, their potential is limitless.






Leadership excellence involves both vertical and horizontal development. We need to explore our inner paradoxes and complexity as much as fostering intellectual capabilities. We start by practicing stillness and surrender; essentially doing the opposite of what we assume will help move us forward. 


A growth process requires a deep examination of beliefs and behaviors rooted in lineage and life journeys and connecting how it manifests in present time.


Somatic awareness and energy regulation is the most underutilized competency for professional (and personal) effectiveness and central to Campana’s model.


Our ability as humans to connect with others and establish trust is a non-negotiable skill for any leader working with other professionals or managing teams. As Esther Perel says, “the quality of your relationships determines the quality of our lives.”



  • The Enneagram is a personality type system that is recognized worldwide for improving emotional and relational intelligence. Each of the 9 Enneagram types offers leaders a balanced view of their behavioral, emotional, and mental strengths and challenges. It directs their awareness to an unconscious motivational driver that creates stuckness, conflict, stress, and unwanted outcomes in their professional and personal lives. Given its consistent and long-lasting impact, Campana Leadership exclusively utilizes the Enneagram as a foundational resource for client engagements and the leadership journey.


    For more information on the 9 Types: 




    Team Development and Connection

    Campana Leadership specializes in customized team sessions that create more connection, empathy, and awareness for increased collaboration and effectiveness. Intact or matrixed teams find value in understanding how the group can better communicate and manage conflict. When implemented on a large scale and cascaded throughout the organization, this program creates a common language and framework for positive systemic culture shifts.


    Enneagram Leadership Gatherings

    This 3-month or 6-month virtual program explores Enneagram types to help leaders interrupt unconscious patterns and behaviors for professional success. Incorporating 1:1 coaching and group sessions ensures depth and practical accountability, resulting in participants leading with more effectiveness and presence. This program is designed as a cohort model and customized for organizations and teams.


    1:1 Enneagram Assessment 

    For a more accurate exploration of one's type, the 1:1 Enneagram Assessment session includes a comprehensive online test followed by an in-depth debrief/coaching session with a certified Enneagram coach.

  • We each experience our own life path, so understanding the unique terrain of our journey is essential in responding to opportunities and challenges. Through a highly customized and rigorous engagement, leaders will be supported to grow and expand their capacity and capabilities by understanding who they are and how they navigate professional relationships and environments. A critical part of the coaching journey is to make the “unknown, known.” By staying inquisitive and delving into unexamined underlying behaviors allow clients to embrace their growth wholeheartedly.

  • Campana Leadership specializes in customized team sessions that create more connection, empathy, and awareness for increased collaboration and effectiveness. Intact or matrixed teams find value in understanding how the group can better communicate and manage conflict. When implemented on a large scale and cascaded throughout the organization, this program creates a common language and framework for positive systemic culture shifts.

  • Companies, universities, and nonprofits continue to experience increasing complexity and volatility. The globalization of organizations creates ongoing and unanticipated challenges. Effectively working across different countries and cultures to capitalize on individual and group abilities is no longer a competitive advantage but a prerequisite competency. Successful organizations foster a culture of inclusion by combining their core values with intentional behavioral practices, from recruitment and onboarding to employee development, engagement, and productivity. Campana offers effective solutions for these complex issues.




Working with Felicia changed my life personally and professionally. Using her process and tools she helped me uncover patterns that previously served me, but which no longer did. She helped me access other options to better navigate situations. This allowed me to find my authentic leadership which has led to significant growth in my career. 


I owe my recent breakthroughs in my job performance and personal growth to Campana. As an executive with broad cross-functional leadership responsibilities, Felicia's coaching significantly improved my effectiveness. My transformation was uncomfortable and difficult at times, but she helped me stay the course that led to lasting changes. She gently guided me to see and accept my development areas, coached me with profound insights on how to improve, and supported me with deep compassion and caring as I was facing my blind spots, developing self-awareness and mastering new skills. I highly recommend Felicia for senior leaders looking for real change, growth, and transformation.


Felicia is whip smart, and excellent at influencing left-brained types in PE. She uses logic, empathy, humor and practice to help you embrace the power of leading with your full, authentic self. It’s a journey of course, but I felt that she helped me own and bring out the best in me over the course of one short year.


Felicia played a pivotal role in elevating my leadership skills through trust-building, deep introspection, and constructive challenges. As a result, I am significantly more effective as a leader.  Whether you’re new to a management role or a seasoned senior professional, she can noticeably elevate anyone’s game. Seeing Felicia was akin to going to the gym – while I didn’t necessarily enjoy exercising in the moment, I knew it was good for me and I felt and showed up better afterwards.

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