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The sound of bells are used to deliver a message in important celebrations, ceremonies or announcements by numerous cultures throughout the world. It signals the pursuit of what is important in our lives at a particular moment in time, as well as to mark important beginnings or endings.

Campana Leadership Group is a boutique human development firm supporting a diverse, global clientele. Leaders and teams from Fortune 100 companies, universities, and non-profit organizations partner with us to realize their vision through sustainable and actionable strategies. Our long-term client relationships are rooted in trust, which inspires bold action through courageous inquiry.



a bell on the coast with a sunset


  • The Enneagram is a personality type system that is recognized worldwide for improving emotional and relational intelligence. Each of the 9 Enneagram types offers leaders a balanced view of their behavioral, emotional, and mental strengths and challenges. It directs their awareness to an unconscious motivational driver that creates stuckness, conflict, stress, and unwanted outcomes in their professional and personal lives. Given its consistent and long-lasting impact, Campana Leadership exclusively utilizes the Enneagram as a foundational resource for client engagements and the leadership journey.


    For more information on the 9 Types: 




    Team Development and Connection

    Campana Leadership specializes in customized team sessions that create more connection, empathy, and awareness for increased collaboration and effectiveness. Intact or matrixed teams find value in understanding how the group can better communicate and manage conflict. When implemented on a large scale and cascaded throughout the organization, this program creates a common language and framework for positive systemic culture shifts.


    Enneagram Leadership Gatherings

    This 3-month or 6-month virtual program explores Enneagram types to help leaders interrupt unconscious patterns and behaviors for professional success. Incorporating 1:1 coaching and group sessions ensures depth and practical accountability, resulting in participants leading with more effectiveness and presence. This program is designed as a cohort model and customized for organizations and teams.


    1:1 Enneagram Assessment 

    For a more accurate exploration of one's type, the 1:1 Enneagram Assessment session includes a comprehensive online test followed by an in-depth debrief/coaching session with a certified Enneagram coach.

  • We each experience our own life path, so understanding the unique terrain of our journey is essential in responding to opportunities and challenges. Through a highly customized and rigorous engagement, leaders will be supported to grow and expand their capacity and capabilities by understanding who they are and how they navigate professional relationships and environments. A critical part of the coaching journey is to make the “unknown, known.” By staying inquisitive and delving into unexamined underlying behaviors allow clients to embrace their growth wholeheartedly.

  • Campana Leadership specializes in customized team sessions that create more connection, empathy, and awareness for increased collaboration and effectiveness. Intact or matrixed teams find value in understanding how the group can better communicate and manage conflict. When implemented on a large scale and cascaded throughout the organization, this program creates a common language and framework for positive systemic culture shifts.

  • Companies, universities, and nonprofits continue to experience increasing complexity and volatility. The globalization of organizations creates ongoing and unanticipated challenges. Effectively working across different countries and cultures to capitalize on individual and group abilities is no longer a competitive advantage but a prerequisite competency. Successful organizations foster a culture of inclusion by combining their core values with intentional behavioral practices, from recruitment and onboarding to employee development, engagement, and productivity. Campana offers effective solutions for these complex issues.



The Campana team includes experts in leadership and organizational development, executive coaching, team dynamics, somatic assessments, and DEI competencies. We work collaboratively with clients to carefully define each engagement and determine the optimum level of support. 



I've had the privilege of collaborating with Felicia for more than a decade. She has positively impacted our organization by coaching over a hundred team members individually and in groups since 2019 with us increasing our collaboration annually. What truly sets Felicia apart is her unwavering commitment to her own self-development. In my extensive experience working with over 50 coaches throughout my career, I can confidently state that no one has reached the same levels of personal growth and development as her. You will be the recipient of her gift of integrating all of that work and science into her unique coaching approach, delivered with both care and accountability. Felicia's impact on our organization has been nothing short of extraordinary, and we are fortunate to have her as a highly collaborative and trusted partner for both our Executive and People Teams. While her primary focus is on leadership development, she also excels as an organizational strategist. 


Siru Niemi, Hellman & Friedman Private Equity

Director of Talent


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Felicia as part of a leadership team where she helped the group gain clarity on how to come together as a high functioning team. She introduced a framework of common language, allowing us to communicate more openly and directly with each other, which in turn positively impacted our productivity. In addition, working with Felicia changed my life personally and professionally. Using her process and tools, she helped me uncover patterns that previously served me, but which no longer did. Then she helped me access other options to better navigate situations. This allowed me to find my authentic leadership which has led to significant growth in my career.  


Cora Versaggi, Pfizer

Vice President, People Experience


I selected the Campana Leadership Group to deliver Enneagram Team Workshops to 10+ teams while I was Head of Talent Development & Engagement at ICONIQ Capital and now as Chief People Officer at Equilibrium Capital. In these workshops, Felicia and her team skillfully leveraged their deep expertise in the Enneagram assessment and extensive experience coaching senior leaders to build emotional intelligence within the teams. My leaders reported that they now utilize the Enneagram to coach and develop their team members and that their understanding of the concerns, issues, and motivational styles of the nine personality types at work increased their ability to collaborate with direct reports, peers, and executive leadership.


Jacqueline Chávez, PhD, Equilibrium Capital

Chief People Officer 


Felicia's artful gift of coaching came at such a pivotal moment in my leadership journey. Her ability to build deep and trusting relationships allowed me to step into a vulnerable place to truly explore my identity and sense of self. She provides a personalized and practical plan to try things on - that builds confidence to go deeper and reach higher. My "leading with heart" approach has paid dividends in terms of the impact I am making in the organization, on my team and others.


Heidi Schisel, Genentech/Roche

Vice President, People & Culture


I have worked with Felicia over the course of many years and across distinctly different phases of our organizational development. I’ve worked with a number coaches over the years, and Felicia is far and away the most effective and valued executive coach I have worked with. I am a more effective leader and we are a healthier and more impactful organization from our work with her.


Scott Hartl, EL Education

President & CEO  


As a leader, there are moments in your career that stand out as pivotal turning points. Felicia entered my life at just such a moment, where I needed to be pushed to the next level. The coaching partnership I had with her changed my career, and my life. Her laser-focused, “just-right” questions go right to the heart of the matter. The concepts and work we did moved across the lines of work and life because the issues I was working on were those I needed to face to be the best version of myself. In a matter of a few sessions, my leadership changed for the better and people took notice. The phrase I often use when recommending Felicia is “are you ready to go into the deep waters?” If you are ready, you will go in and come out the best version of yourself. 

Amy Bailey, Clear Path for Veterans

Chief Growth Officer

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