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  • Felicia J. Lee, PhD


Updated: Nov 1, 2023

A request made of all the leaders I work with is their unwavering intention and commitment to regenerate body, mind and spirit. For some a daily mindfulness practice is key; for others it’s being in nature ( or prioritizing time to spend with loved ones to reduce stress.

Something I have learned from coaching senior executives, with their overscheduled lives, is that a dramatic “foot on the brake” is often what it takes to truly unplug. Most leaders need much more play and joy in their lives as well as attending to what their bodies naturally crave: fresh air, physical movement and a change in landscape, literally and figuratively.

I am constantly on the search for new resources to share with my clients directly or to utilize for team development. This past November I decided to do some research and traveled to Patagonia. The locale met the criteria I believe supports a healthy rebalancing (jaw-dropping nature, diverse physical adventures, and limited Wi-Fi, to name a few). Patagonia isn’t called “the end of the world” for nothing. The sheer remoteness of the region provides an inspiring backdrop for executives to decompress and avoid the constant pull on their attention and energy. It’s my future hope to design and offer a customized program abroad for senior leaders. The goal is for leaders to build community with like-minded peers striving to make a deep impact in their organizations in a space that prioritizes creative processing and connection to self and others. I found the spirit of the region an ideal container to reflect, rejuvenate and reassess.

For those interested in making the trek to refill and recharge, I highly recommend the awe-inspiring landscape of Patagonia. Please contact me with any questions or recommendations for experienced travel operators and itineraries.

Stay tuned for my next research project update in 2018!

Until then, be well and all best.

**Recommendations are wholly my own and never sponsored by an outside entity.

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